Not So Secretly Obsessed — Yoga


Studio: Power Life Yoga Barre Fitness, 4 locations throughout DSM  |  Yogi: Maddie Andersen, instructor of Power Yoga and Power Sculpt  |  Photographer: Kirstie Veatch Photography



Plank is a great total body exercise. You'll strengthen your core, legs and arms. Give yourself a challenge and each day see if you can hold 10 seconds longer from the previous day. You'll slowly work your way up to being a plank pro.


Forearm Plank

Also try forearm plank. Stack shoulder above elbows and make the number "eleven" with your arms.

Power Yoga-113.jpg

Kneeling Plank

Release to your knees to focus more on shoulder strength. Ensure your core stays active!




You can do SO many exercises in chair pose! The pose itself is great for the legs and core. You can mix in upper body exercises too, like a bicep curl, tricep kickbacks or hammer curl.


Bicep Curl

Palms up, loose grip and pull upward.


Hammer Curl

Point thumbs up, loose grip and pull up.


Tricep Kickbacks

Extend arms back, bend at elbows up and back down.

Warrior 2


This foundational yoga posture is great to hold and focus on your breath. You can also add a single-leg lunge and upper body work, such as upright row or low row.


Upright Row

Extend arms out in front of you and pull back up to your chest.


Low Row

Point palms upward, loose grip, extend arms out and pull back in.


Reverse Warrior


This pose is all about length. When aligned properly, you'll feel a great side body stretch as you hold and breathe. Add in some side crunches to get even more out of this pose.

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