Not so Secretly OBSESSED — What's in our Bridal Bag?



Your big day will be full of hugs, dancing, toasts and tears — even the best makeup application is bound to fade. And it will be a long day — so don’t expect your initial application to last more than six or seven hours. Pack a touch-up bag with the essentials, and ask your maid of honor to carry it! Whether you want it for on-the-go touch-ups, emergencies, or plan to amp up your look for a dramatic evening reception, these products will keep you looking flawless. 


Oil Blotting Sheets


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When it comes to touching up makeup, oftentimes it isn’t a matter of putting more on, but taking some away. Blotting sheets will quickly absorb oil and moisture from your skin and reduce shine without adding more product.

(TIP: opt for blotting linens over sheets to avoid risk of disrupting your makeup underneath.)


Translucent Mattifying Powder

OBSESSED with: PÜR - Skin Perfecting Powder Balancing Act - $26 at Ulta

Touching up with a translucent mattifying powder will help keep you looking fresh, since it’s a light-coverage alternative to pressed powder. It’s sheer enough for you to keep applying throughout the day, and transcluent enough to work for all skin types and tones.

(TIP: use a small brush to hit where you are most oily - the forehead, nose, and T-zone - so the rest of the face looks fresh).



OBSESSED with: NARS - The Multiple in the shade “Portofino” - $39 at Sephora

Blush is one of the first products to fade. To bump up your color for photos, pick a soft pink shade or universally-flattering coral shade. Powder blushes can look heavy when re-applied, so use a cream cheek product to keep your skin looking glow-y.

(TIP: cream or stick cheek products can be used as a lip color or eyeshadow if you’re in a pinch.)


Facial Spray

A must-have for brides with dry skin types. Use a facial spray with a hydrating element to calm the skin and give the effect that your makeup was freshly applied.

(TIP: if you accidentally apply too much powder, a few sprays will keep makeup from looking “caked on”.)

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Gloss-Bomb-Universal-Lip-Luminizer-Closed.w710.h473.2x-1 copy.jpg

Lip Gloss

OBSESSED with: Fenty Beauty - Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Lumizer - $18 at Sephora

A no brainer! You will need a fresh coat of lip product several times throughout the day, no matter how transfer-resistent it claims to be. Be sure to do a once-over after the ceremony and before formal photos.

(TIP: choosing a gloss in a shade similar to the lipstick you were wearing at the beginning of the day makes touch-ups easier and quicker).



Waterproof Mascara

OBSESSED with: L’ORÉAL - Voluminous Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara - $9.99 at Ulta

Without a doubt, waterproof mascara is a bride’s best friend for withstanding any happy tears. Include a tube in your bag in case you want to touch up at the end of the evening.

(TIP: use a tissue to dab the outer and inner corners of your eyes to catch tears before they roll down your face. Avoid wiping or rubbing your eyes!)



Eyeliner Pencil

OBSESSED with: MAC - Eye Kohl in the shade “Teddy" - $18 at Ulta

If you think you will cry on your big day, bring an eyeliner pencil for touch-ups after the ceremony. Liner applied in the rims of the eye (“waterline”) will likely need to be touched up first.

(TIP: opt for a brown or bronze liner over black — you will achieve the same dramatic effect, but much less harsh!)




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