The Perfect Venue for YOU!

Finding the perfect venue is at the top of our list of things to do once the wedding is in the works! Have a certain date or popular venue in mind? We recommend booking anywhere from 18 months to 2 years in advance. Don’t have that much time? Don’t panic. We’ve got a list of questions that will help guide you to the perfect location for you, whether that’s a wedding in your backyard, or on a tropical beach next to the ocean. Weddings, both ceremonies and receptions, seem to be everywhere these days – each with their own unique twist, so cheers to whatever you and your fiancé fancy, because your big day is all about you!

Photography //  Justin Salem Meyer Photography       Location // Sandos Finistrerra Los Cabos

Photography // Justin Salem Meyer Photography      Location // Sandos Finistrerra Los Cabos


Bright sunshine? Warm beach? What could be better than that?! While there may be some drawbacks to a destination wedding, having the ocean as a backdrop is definitely not one of them! If you’re looking for a truly unique experience, pack your bags and book your tickets for an unforgettable wedding adventure with your closest family and friends. 

Photography //  Andrea Dahlberg Photography       Location // Iowa State Campanile

Photography // Andrea Dahlberg Photography      Location // Iowa State Campanile


From the football field, to historic campus buildings, couples are choosing to bring their love story back to campus, where it all began. With a rich history and scenery you can’t recreate, this is a popular choice for sports lovers and couples who met during their college years. 

Photography //  Katie Lindgren Photography        Location //  Temple of Performing Arts

Photography // Katie Lindgren Photography       Location // Temple of Performing Arts


If you are looking for a sophisticated setting for your big day, consider a classic venue that will set the tone for your elegant affair. With timeless decor and always pin-worthy pictures, the venues that fit this category are never going out of style. 

Photography //  Shana Drake Photography        Location //  Glen Oaks Country Club

Photography // Shana Drake Photography       Location // Glen Oaks Country Club

Country Club/Golf Course

Known for their perfectly manicured lawns, fancy banquet rooms, and upscale conveniences, country clubs and golf courses are a popular choice to consider. The natural setting makes for a picturesque background for your ceremony and all pictures you will take throughout your big day.

Photography //  Amanda Basteen Photography        Location //  Rollins Mansion

Photography // Amanda Basteen Photography       Location // Rollins Mansion


Whether it’s a mansion on a grand estate or a once famous building that’s been brought back to life, historical buildings are a new favorite spot for couples to tie the knot. With original decor and architectural details from floor to ceiling, your guests will enjoy stunning views with a rich history, allowing you to keep decorations to a minimum.

Photography //  Seneca Epley Photography        Location //  Bessie's Barn

Photography // Seneca Epley Photography       Location // Bessie's Barn


It’s official. The barn wedding is here to stay! Newly engaged couples are flocking to barns, both old and new, for their casual setting and laid-back atmosphere. With rustic wood and lots of room for decorating, these beautiful buildings are making their mark on the wedding industry. Perfect for the bride who likes to DIY! 

Photography //   Shana Drake Photography        Location //  Brenton Skating Plaza

Photography // Shana Drake Photography       Location // Brenton Skating Plaza


More and more brides are moving outdoors for their big day, and a tent can be the perfect solution to alleviate any fear of what Mother Nature may do on your special day – and we promise, your guests will thank you! Tents can be a simple or elaborate affair, so coordinating with local wedding pros will be your go-to for arranging the rental of tables, chairs, linens, and whatever else you may need to bring in.

Photography //  Ali Leigh Photography         Location //  The Chateau at White Oak Vineyard

Photography // Ali Leigh Photography        Location // The Chateau at White Oak Vineyard


There’s something romantic about getting married next to beautiful rows of grapes with twisty vines and leaves for as far as the eye can see. Whether you love wine or not, if you’re looking for a place to have both your ceremony and reception, a winery is a great place to consider with both indoor and outdoor options. 

Photography //  Ryan Damman Photography        Location //  Downtown Marriot

Photography // Ryan Damman Photography       Location // Downtown Marriot


Hotels have always, and continue to be, a popular choice to host your wedding. With top-notch service, large ballrooms to accommodate your guest list, and a location for all of your family and friends to stay, how can you beat it?  

Photography //   Amanda Basteen Photography


Having a wedding in your backyard can be a truly intimate celebration with the perk of being able to do whatever you want! From a low-key barbecue to a simple soiree, couples are turning their digs into the perfect location for a wedding.

Photography //   Amanda Basteen Photography        Location //  Sticks

Photography // Amanda Basteen Photography       Location // Sticks


Envisioning a modern vibe for your dream wedding? You’ll love the steel, exposed brick, and clean lines of an industrial building. Keep it chic and modern for an urban feel with a whole lot of character! 

Photography //  Everlasting Love Photography        Location //  Reiman Gardens

Photography // Everlasting Love Photography       Location // Reiman Gardens


Create the wedding of your dreams with very little décor, using the natural beauty of a blooming garden! Surrounded by luscious green space, ponds, and fountains, gardens and parks offer a relaxing atmosphere for guests to enjoy as they celebrate your big day. 

See our DIY GUIDE to making your own no glue, no sew Bunting Banner!     

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See Theresa and Chris' float away at their happy-go-lucky wedding day.

See Theresa and Chris' float away at their happy-go-lucky wedding day.

What to think about when choosing your wedding venue: 

  • Do you want your ceremony and reception at the same location?  


  • How on your guest list?  


  • What style of building are you looking for? (i.e. rustic chic, vintage, industrial, outdoor, etc.)  


  • Does the venue provide tables, chairs, and linens?  



  • Can you use any catering company? Does your caterer need to be licensed and insured? Do you have to select from a preferred catering list? 


  • What is the facility rental time? Are there particular hours? Do you get the facility for the day or weekend?  


  • Does your venue include a coordinator? This can be helpful if you are choosing not to use a wedding planner.  


  • Are you interested in an outdoor ceremony space?


  • When can you decorate? What are the rules? (i.e. no glitter, or open flames) 


  • What other rentals do they include, if any? (i.e. china, flatware, glassware, etc.)  


  • Are there bride and groom’s suites for your wedding party?  


  • Are a lot of your guests from out of town? If so, is there a hotel or conference center nearby? These might be great options for you to consider, with rooms available for them in the same building. 


  • What day of the week do you want to get married? Will your venue accommodate Friday and Sunday weddings?  


  • Do they provide china, flatware and glassware?