Iowa Rent-A-Cake


9146 West 86th St., North Baxter, IA 50021 

Iowa Rent-A-Cake was created with the wedding couples in mind. Our studio, located near Des Moines, Iowa, designs cake art that can be rented for the day. It’s a budget saving way to get the wedding cake of your dreams!

Rental cakes are made of a foam base covered with sugar fondant icing. They are designed to look like real cakes with the same artistry and attention to details.

Each cake has a small section of real cake you can cut into for pictures. So you CAN have your rental cake and eat it too!

With an Iowa Rent-A-Cake, couples can have a beautiful centerpiece, honor the cake cutting ceremony and serve delicious side cakes to share with their guests all at a fraction of the cost to a comparable conventional wedding cake.

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Photos of couple with cake by Samantha Owenson Photography

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